It’s The Little Things



Every chance we get we try to add little touches to make your stay more charming and more memorable.  Sometimes it’s just the little things like having soft tissues at the bedside table, a cozy carpet to sink your toes into first thing in the morning or Starbucks coffee waiting for you downstairs.  Adding these touches only adds to the experience of being in luxury filled farm house set back away from the cares of the world.  And it is what we enjoy doing for our guests.


So while I was at a little shop in town I spotted some of my favorite movie posters and couldn’t help myself.  Who doesn’t love Bogart and Bergman (when you can’t have Bogie and Bacall that is), who can pass up It’s a Wonderful Life with Clarence the angel earning his wings?  I certainly have enjoyed these movies time and time again and thought it could only add to the comfort and enjoyment of those who choose Bachar Farms for their family getaways.  Sitting back and relaxing with a movie, new or old.  Making popcorn the old fashion way!

Either with your kids or with your friends, we hope it can turn any evening into a unforgettable one!




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Road Trips ~ Memories Waiting To Happen



One of the greatest reasons I love the Finger Lakes  and Bachar Farms is their accessibility.  With Syracuse Hancock International Airport   literally only 20 miles from the main gates of Bachar Farms, flying in from just about any city in the country is easy peazy.  But another reason to love this luxury vacation spot is for its road trip-ability!  Centrally located within driving distance  from most neighboring states, its the perfect excuse for a Family or Group Road Trip!!

Just think about it, an amazing vacation for how ever long or short you want it to be without having to clear customs or go through painstaking security check points.  It is the all American quintessential mode de transport!  Think back to some of the most amazing trips you ever had and I bet there was  a car in there somewhere maybe even a station wagon.

Remember being a kid and piling up in the back seat?  If you were the youngest or the middle kid you had no chance but to be squashed between your older siblings.  Everyone brought their pillows.  Mom and dad up front going over every checklist making sure they had everything.   Half way through the trip mom would be handing out snacks and wet naps.  Ah, then the singing would begin.  Our family favorite “Eres Tu'” a lovely little diddy in Spanish. Followed by a wholesome rendition of 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall.  Then of course there were the games like Punch Car.  Yes, as its title depicts and for those of you who have never had the privilege to play this passive aggressive car game, I’ll explain.  Punch Car, has the participants in the vehicle driving along looking for a (in my day a Volkswagen Bug) in a particular color.  Once it was spotted you punched the arm of your opponent.  It could get ugly !  It usually ended with dad swinging his arm over the Chevy’s bench seat trying to stop one of us from getting out of control while steering the car down the interstate!  Did I mention, we had no I-Pads?

Let’s not forget the driver’s (usually my dad) least fave part of the trip, pee stops. “Couldn’t we all just hold our water until we crossed the Virginia state line?” It was only a mere 7 hours drive.  Yeah, not going to happen dad.  Stopping at a rest stop was another magical part of the family road trip.  You’d pull in all groggy and tired from the last three hours sitting next to your brother and suddenly the neon lights of the 24 hour Gas and Grub would make you sit upright and put your tennis shoes on.  Inside, the Quick-Mart seemed like Disney! After using the facilities and begging mom to buy you some gum it was time to head back to the car the last leg of the trip!

Nothing was quite like the feeling of arriving at our destination. Stretching our legs for the first time in forever, bolting from the car and breathing in what seemed like the purest air you’d ever inhaled.  The vacation was perfect.  Mom and dad looked happy and relaxed.  Saying yes to just about every request.  Those vacations will always stay with us and the road trips… heck those were the very best part.

road trip
Classic All American Vacations Found Here!

So what are you waiting for?  Pick your week or your weekend and book a vacation getaway at Bachar Farms for a trip you and your family and friends wont soon forget.  And you can easily drive to us from most anywhere.

Travel Time to Bachar Farms:

Hartford, Connecticut  = 4 hours 13 minutes

New York, New York = 4 hours 6 minutes

Philadelphia, PA = 4 hours

Boston, MA = 5 hours 5 minutes

Maryland = 5 hours 39 minutes


Now before you hop on the interstate here are few little tid bits that will help to make your trip to Bachar Farms the most rewarding and bonding experience you’ve had to date.

Road Trip Worthy Rules:

  1. Go to Google Maps and check out the driving distance to Skaneateles (or your other destination of choice).

  2. Make sure you have a valid drivers license. (I mean it)

  3. Take your car to get a check up and make sure those tires are up to snuff.

  4. Get the skinny on the local weather and activities at 

  5. Bookmark your destination on your I-Phone and I-Pad to remind you of how amazing your vacation spot is going to be. Bachar Farms

  6. And when making those memorable stops along the way be sure to stop only at recognized Rest Stops or well lit areas when traveling at night.

  7. Plan ahead and know the tough traffic spots so you can avoid say crossing into Manhattan  or Connecticut during rush hour.

  8. Bring the camera or charge up the phone and take plenty of pictures of the scenic routes along the way.  Remember the road trip can be just as memorable as the destination itself!

  9. Don’t forget to pack healthy car friendly snacks to enjoy along the way and bring an empty shopping bag for easy clean up.

  10. Plan to stop at a scenic rest area with picnic tables to enjoy your snack out in the open air.

  11. Bring stamps and you address book to so you can send postcards once your arrive. Everyone loves happy mail.

  12. And last but not least brush up on your favorite car songs and start belting them out~! Your kids will roll their eyes but I promise they will cherish the memory for years to come.


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“Submitted For Your Approval”…


…It has been 56 years since the TV watching world heard that phrase as the first ever Twilight Zone episode aired on CBS October 2nd, 1959.  Most of us, myself included would not be born for another decade or more.  Somehow the mystery, the mystique of the Twilight Zone still captures us to this day.

Though many were the writers who gave hand on those 156 episodes, it all fell under the main idea, the forward thinking syllabus that Rod Serling first envisioned.  It worked then and it continues to work now.  Generations who’ve never seen an episode continue to use a variation of the phrase “I must be in the Twilight Zone?” when referring to a moment in their lives that seems odd or hard to explain.

So why, on this foggy and curiously warm December morning am I talking about the long lasting effects of the Twilight Zone?  Well, there are a few. Not only is George, the other half of Bachar Farms a huge fan who sits before the Television on New Year’s Day (every year), episode list in hand, to take in the TZ Marathon on the SciFi Channel, but not far from our farms gates is Cayuga Lake, the name Rod Serling and his wife used when they created the company that would produce The Twilight Zone.

Beyond that little morsel of  TV trivia, Rod himself was born and raised in the neighboring area of Syracuse and Binghampton,a little more than 20 miles away. And though our beloved Finger Lakes is home to our charming Bachar Farms and some of  the most sought after wines in the region it should also be recognized as the birthplace and fountain of inspiration of Rod Serling.

Episodes like “Where is everybody”,”Mirror Image” and “Midnight Sun”(which mention, Syracus, Cortland, Ithaca Falls and the town of Tully, ) and countless others  have had such an effect on those who watch them that though you may watch these time and time again you find something new with every new viewing. The lakeside towns of the Finger Lakes, especially Skaneateles, leave you with a similar desire to return over and over again to discover some hidden treasure, some peaceful little alcove you just know you overlooked.

And for those fans who remember “Willoughby”  the episode where the overworked, under appreciated advertising executive yearns for the next train stop to be the idyllic town of Willoughby which exists only in his imagination, we ask ….was it only in his imagination?


We here at Bachar Farms got off that train some years ago and found that very idyllic town. Only now we call it Skaneateles and we hope to see you there.

“Next stop…Skaneateles….”

Sandy & George


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Wordless Monday…

Bachar Farms Slide Show


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Small Town Charm

We’ve all felt it, that nostalgic pull to a time long passed.  Where the clocks seem to slow a bit and the people actually pause to say hello as you pass them on the street.  I know I can, on my craziest of carpooling days, running errands and after that conference call gone way  too long.  My soul just yearns for another age another pace.  But the truth is most of my generation have never even witnessed a slower pace.  Why then do we long for something that we’ve never known.   Is it that we come pre-programmed instinctively with an internal mechanism that lets us know its time to take a break? 

If you’re like most, you may long for a step back in time but you might not be so eager to let go of the amenities and small luxuries that are usually missing from another era i.e. WiFi, indoor plumbing.  Is there a way to have your cake and eat it too? Wait did someone say cake? Oh, that’s another story for another time.  Now, where was I?  Ah, yes, resetting the internal mechanism that allows us to run at top performance in our every day lives.  Something inside might be telling us to slow down and find a place to rest but where?  You think you might like a rustic getaway but not so rustic that there is an out house.  You may dream of farmhouse charm but would rather not see the barn yard.  How about those who’ve dreamed of a wine tasting weekend but don’t care for the impersonal feel of a hotel?  The perfect place is not far at all.

Skaneateles, New York has been voted one of the best in Small Towns by  It encompasses the idyllic charm of another era without losing all of our must have modern day amenities.  Whether your wants be for gourmet French Dining at Joell’s French Bistro  or regional wine tastings at White Birch Vineyards right across from the Skaneateles Lake promenade and gazebo Skaneateles has what you are longing for.  And to further enhance your getaway needs Skaneateles is home to the charm of a Four Generation Family Owned Gentleman’s Farm on the pristine shores of Skaneateles Lake.

All the charm of a vintage farmhouse with every luxury your soul needs to refresh and recharge.  Make it a weekend for close intimate friends or bring the whole gang, there’s plenty of space for the kids and grandma too! It is a place rich in historic tales and overflowing with modern day comforts.  

Skaneateles is a one stop shop to take you to another time another place filled with charm and grace, oh and for those of you wanting to kick up your heels a bit there’s The Lake House Pub with live entertainment on the weekends. 

Come spend the holidays or make up your own reason to drive to this little hidden town that’s chock full of goodies for every pallet!  

Now, about that cake?  Skaneateles Bakery  Because we all want cake!!


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Finger Lake Wine Country A Four Season Pleasure


A short leisurely drive from the main gates of Bachar Farms lay some of the most enjoyable and world renowned  wines in the country.

It has been known for some time now that wine produced in the Finger Lakes Wine Country of New York can rival those of long established more recognized vineyards around the world.  There are more than 100 vineyards in the region all centered around Seneca , Cayuga and Keuka Lakes.  The micro climates created by the three lakes provide the perfectly breezy days in summer and winter days  that are not as harsh, that together help produce world class grape growing conditions.

With the rising trends of lighter winesriesling the Finger Lake Riesling has shone through as the champion of the region.  It has been hailed as such by Wine Spectator and  Wine Enthusiast.  Though certainly Riesling has taken center stage it is not the only wine produced in the area to tantalize your taste buds.  As of late there has been much talk about the cooler climate red wines such as the Cabernet Franc.  What ever your pleasure a trip to the area is a must on your wine bucket list.

Many area vineyards give tours and will take you out on the wine trails.  But if a more local sampling is more to your liking stop in at the White Birch Tasting Room  in the village of Skaneateles.  Once inside you have a plethora of wines and vintages from all over the region at your finger tips.   Only a short drive from your private Farm house retreat you can enjoy a local Riesling or the latest Pino Noir.  The tasting room is open Wednesday to Saturday from Noon until 7 PM and Sundays from Noon until 5 PM.

white birch

The Finger Lake vineyards enjoy year round guests from all over the country.  Summer and Autumn are certainly the busiest seasons but they can still be enjoyed during the winter months.  Contact them for specialized tours and wine tastings during those months.  You might even get a more private or personal experience.

So this winter come, stay with us at the Farm with your family and friends and enjoy the Finger Lake Wine Country experience up close and personal.

Check with us for updated Weekend Wine Rates!

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Dickens’ Christmas in Skaneateles, NY

With Christmas less than six weeks away what better way to get into the holiday spirit than planning a trip to Skaneateles, NY.  Be transported back in time to the day’s of candles in   the window and carolers on the town hall steps celebrating the Christmas season.  


An annual tradition, the celebration begins the day after Thanksgiving and runs every Saturday and Sunday through December 24,  from noon to 4 pm. Charles Dickens and his cast of over 50 characters will interact with residents and visitors in the streets, stores and restaurants.  The event is for all ages, young and old and everyone in between.  Horse drawn wagon rides start the day or bring an end to a perfect afternoon.  

Dickens-in-Gazebo   Don’f forget the many photo ops for selfies with the Dickens’ gang.  And the gazebo on the lake will be all aglow with its lights and festive Christmas tree!  Many have used it as a backdrop for Christmas cards.  The quaint shops in the village can be the perfect spot to find that special gift.  Top off your day with a hot chocolate and pastry from Skaneateles Bakery .  

Dickens Rheubarb

When the chill in the air reminds you that it is time to return to the comforts and warmth of home, why not head back to Bachar Farms  where your private luxury retreat awaits you.  Cozy up by the wood stove in the sitting room or stretch out on one of the many quilt covered beds at your disposal. 

There are many comforts and activities for all who seek them at the farm.  If outdoor pursuits are what you crave, there are 10 fenced in acres at your doorstep for leisure walks, snow man building or cross country skiing.  The remainder 100 acres are yours for the exploring. 


And if a white Christmas is what you dream of  consider spending Christmas at the Farm with the whole family!  Though snow is not guaranteed it is certainly a very good possibility!

Contact the The Bachar’s and see if they don’t have a cozy fire in the wood burning stove waiting just for you and yours.  Book now at Bachar Farms for a holiday getaway you won’t soon forget.


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