Small Town Charm

We’ve all felt it, that nostalgic pull to a time long passed.  Where the clocks seem to slow a bit and the people actually pause to say hello as you pass them on the street.  I know I can, on my craziest of carpooling days, running errands and after that conference call gone way  too long.  My soul just yearns for another age another pace.  But the truth is most of my generation have never even witnessed a slower pace.  Why then do we long for something that we’ve never known.   Is it that we come pre-programmed instinctively with an internal mechanism that lets us know its time to take a break? 

If you’re like most, you may long for a step back in time but you might not be so eager to let go of the amenities and small luxuries that are usually missing from another era i.e. WiFi, indoor plumbing.  Is there a way to have your cake and eat it too? Wait did someone say cake? Oh, that’s another story for another time.  Now, where was I?  Ah, yes, resetting the internal mechanism that allows us to run at top performance in our every day lives.  Something inside might be telling us to slow down and find a place to rest but where?  You think you might like a rustic getaway but not so rustic that there is an out house.  You may dream of farmhouse charm but would rather not see the barn yard.  How about those who’ve dreamed of a wine tasting weekend but don’t care for the impersonal feel of a hotel?  The perfect place is not far at all.

Skaneateles, New York has been voted one of the best in Small Towns by  It encompasses the idyllic charm of another era without losing all of our must have modern day amenities.  Whether your wants be for gourmet French Dining at Joell’s French Bistro  or regional wine tastings at White Birch Vineyards right across from the Skaneateles Lake promenade and gazebo Skaneateles has what you are longing for.  And to further enhance your getaway needs Skaneateles is home to the charm of a Four Generation Family Owned Gentleman’s Farm on the pristine shores of Skaneateles Lake.

All the charm of a vintage farmhouse with every luxury your soul needs to refresh and recharge.  Make it a weekend for close intimate friends or bring the whole gang, there’s plenty of space for the kids and grandma too! It is a place rich in historic tales and overflowing with modern day comforts.  

Skaneateles is a one stop shop to take you to another time another place filled with charm and grace, oh and for those of you wanting to kick up your heels a bit there’s The Lake House Pub with live entertainment on the weekends. 

Come spend the holidays or make up your own reason to drive to this little hidden town that’s chock full of goodies for every pallet!  

Now, about that cake?  Skaneateles Bakery  Because we all want cake!!


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