“Submitted For Your Approval”…


…It has been 56 years since the TV watching world heard that phrase as the first ever Twilight Zone episode aired on CBS October 2nd, 1959.  Most of us, myself included would not be born for another decade or more.  Somehow the mystery, the mystique of the Twilight Zone still captures us to this day.

Though many were the writers who gave hand on those 156 episodes, it all fell under the main idea, the forward thinking syllabus that Rod Serling first envisioned.  It worked then and it continues to work now.  Generations who’ve never seen an episode continue to use a variation of the phrase “I must be in the Twilight Zone?” when referring to a moment in their lives that seems odd or hard to explain.

So why, on this foggy and curiously warm December morning am I talking about the long lasting effects of the Twilight Zone?  Well, there are a few. Not only is George, the other half of Bachar Farms a huge fan who sits before the Television on New Year’s Day (every year), episode list in hand, to take in the TZ Marathon on the SciFi Channel, but not far from our farms gates is Cayuga Lake, the name Rod Serling and his wife used when they created the company that would produce The Twilight Zone.

Beyond that little morsel of  TV trivia, Rod himself was born and raised in the neighboring area of Syracuse and Binghampton,a little more than 20 miles away. And though our beloved Finger Lakes is home to our charming Bachar Farms and some of  the most sought after wines in the region it should also be recognized as the birthplace and fountain of inspiration of Rod Serling.

Episodes like “Where is everybody”,”Mirror Image” and “Midnight Sun”(which mention, Syracus, Cortland, Ithaca Falls and the town of Tully, ) and countless others  have had such an effect on those who watch them that though you may watch these time and time again you find something new with every new viewing. The lakeside towns of the Finger Lakes, especially Skaneateles, leave you with a similar desire to return over and over again to discover some hidden treasure, some peaceful little alcove you just know you overlooked.

And for those fans who remember “Willoughby”  the episode where the overworked, under appreciated advertising executive yearns for the next train stop to be the idyllic town of Willoughby which exists only in his imagination, we ask ….was it only in his imagination?


We here at Bachar Farms got off that train some years ago and found that very idyllic town. Only now we call it Skaneateles and we hope to see you there.

“Next stop…Skaneateles….”

Sandy & George


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1 Response to “Submitted For Your Approval”…

  1. Debi Van Etten says:

    We all can use a little step back in time now and again. Peaceful living, no sorrows or worries, a breath of fresh air, a shade tree to sit under. I love Bachar Farm…times there are never “Obsolete “.

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