Road Trips ~ Memories Waiting To Happen



One of the greatest reasons I love the Finger Lakes  and Bachar Farms is their accessibility.  With Syracuse Hancock International Airport   literally only 20 miles from the main gates of Bachar Farms, flying in from just about any city in the country is easy peazy.  But another reason to love this luxury vacation spot is for its road trip-ability!  Centrally located within driving distance  from most neighboring states, its the perfect excuse for a Family or Group Road Trip!!

Just think about it, an amazing vacation for how ever long or short you want it to be without having to clear customs or go through painstaking security check points.  It is the all American quintessential mode de transport!  Think back to some of the most amazing trips you ever had and I bet there was  a car in there somewhere maybe even a station wagon.

Remember being a kid and piling up in the back seat?  If you were the youngest or the middle kid you had no chance but to be squashed between your older siblings.  Everyone brought their pillows.  Mom and dad up front going over every checklist making sure they had everything.   Half way through the trip mom would be handing out snacks and wet naps.  Ah, then the singing would begin.  Our family favorite “Eres Tu'” a lovely little diddy in Spanish. Followed by a wholesome rendition of 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall.  Then of course there were the games like Punch Car.  Yes, as its title depicts and for those of you who have never had the privilege to play this passive aggressive car game, I’ll explain.  Punch Car, has the participants in the vehicle driving along looking for a (in my day a Volkswagen Bug) in a particular color.  Once it was spotted you punched the arm of your opponent.  It could get ugly !  It usually ended with dad swinging his arm over the Chevy’s bench seat trying to stop one of us from getting out of control while steering the car down the interstate!  Did I mention, we had no I-Pads?

Let’s not forget the driver’s (usually my dad) least fave part of the trip, pee stops. “Couldn’t we all just hold our water until we crossed the Virginia state line?” It was only a mere 7 hours drive.  Yeah, not going to happen dad.  Stopping at a rest stop was another magical part of the family road trip.  You’d pull in all groggy and tired from the last three hours sitting next to your brother and suddenly the neon lights of the 24 hour Gas and Grub would make you sit upright and put your tennis shoes on.  Inside, the Quick-Mart seemed like Disney! After using the facilities and begging mom to buy you some gum it was time to head back to the car the last leg of the trip!

Nothing was quite like the feeling of arriving at our destination. Stretching our legs for the first time in forever, bolting from the car and breathing in what seemed like the purest air you’d ever inhaled.  The vacation was perfect.  Mom and dad looked happy and relaxed.  Saying yes to just about every request.  Those vacations will always stay with us and the road trips… heck those were the very best part.

road trip
Classic All American Vacations Found Here!

So what are you waiting for?  Pick your week or your weekend and book a vacation getaway at Bachar Farms for a trip you and your family and friends wont soon forget.  And you can easily drive to us from most anywhere.

Travel Time to Bachar Farms:

Hartford, Connecticut  = 4 hours 13 minutes

New York, New York = 4 hours 6 minutes

Philadelphia, PA = 4 hours

Boston, MA = 5 hours 5 minutes

Maryland = 5 hours 39 minutes


Now before you hop on the interstate here are few little tid bits that will help to make your trip to Bachar Farms the most rewarding and bonding experience you’ve had to date.

Road Trip Worthy Rules:

  1. Go to Google Maps and check out the driving distance to Skaneateles (or your other destination of choice).

  2. Make sure you have a valid drivers license. (I mean it)

  3. Take your car to get a check up and make sure those tires are up to snuff.

  4. Get the skinny on the local weather and activities at 

  5. Bookmark your destination on your I-Phone and I-Pad to remind you of how amazing your vacation spot is going to be. Bachar Farms

  6. And when making those memorable stops along the way be sure to stop only at recognized Rest Stops or well lit areas when traveling at night.

  7. Plan ahead and know the tough traffic spots so you can avoid say crossing into Manhattan  or Connecticut during rush hour.

  8. Bring the camera or charge up the phone and take plenty of pictures of the scenic routes along the way.  Remember the road trip can be just as memorable as the destination itself!

  9. Don’t forget to pack healthy car friendly snacks to enjoy along the way and bring an empty shopping bag for easy clean up.

  10. Plan to stop at a scenic rest area with picnic tables to enjoy your snack out in the open air.

  11. Bring stamps and you address book to so you can send postcards once your arrive. Everyone loves happy mail.

  12. And last but not least brush up on your favorite car songs and start belting them out~! Your kids will roll their eyes but I promise they will cherish the memory for years to come.


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