It’s The Little Things



Every chance we get we try to add little touches to make your stay more charming and more memorable.  Sometimes it’s just the little things like having soft tissues at the bedside table, a cozy carpet to sink your toes into first thing in the morning or Starbucks coffee waiting for you downstairs.  Adding these touches only adds to the experience of being in luxury filled farm house set back away from the cares of the world.  And it is what we enjoy doing for our guests.


So while I was at a little shop in town I spotted some of my favorite movie posters and couldn’t help myself.  Who doesn’t love Bogart and Bergman (when you can’t have Bogie and Bacall that is), who can pass up It’s a Wonderful Life with Clarence the angel earning his wings?  I certainly have enjoyed these movies time and time again and thought it could only add to the comfort and enjoyment of those who choose Bachar Farms for their family getaways.  Sitting back and relaxing with a movie, new or old.  Making popcorn the old fashion way!

Either with your kids or with your friends, we hope it can turn any evening into a unforgettable one!




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